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Ryo Matsunaga of the cinderella girls family.
I promised

that i would make a big as fuck RVB headcanon post. It was going to be about the reds but now it’s about the freelancers because fuck you is why.

-Maine never got his drivers license
-He got banned from the testing place because he broke too many things each time.
-Bisexual. Everyone’s his bitch all day erryday.
-Once played football or some other sport.
-A bunch of tattoos, especially on the chest/torso area.
-May or may not have had a one night stand with Wash in college after a party before they were bros.

-Both parents died when he was young. Not at the same time, though. Like, two months apart.
-He had a cat that died a week before he signed up.
-Managed to get another one when he became a blue.
-Pansexual. Because he barely cares anymore.
-Sexual masochist, either physically or emotionally.
-Only got tattoos post-Epsilon.
-Because of a certain college incident he doesn’t drink often because he can be a handsy drunk. drinks more often post-Epsi.

-He tries to avoid valentines day because of all the women trying to romance him.
-He was taught to pick locks when he helped his friend with a shady deal. he was a natural thief.
-Has issues saying ‘no’
-He always has to be the hero all the time.
-Dog person.

-Also roleplays.
-Lactose intolerant
-Giant bro who actually doesn’t mind being friends with everyone.
-Goes through huge lengths to try and make his sister happy sometimes.
-Attempted to teach Maine how to drive. Did not go well.

-Dog person
-Died her hair in high school so people would stop referring to them as twins.
-Hates romance movies and prefers the gorefests.
-Is only friends with a coupe guys because she feels like everyone is an obstacle all the time.
-Always dominating.

-Actually had a good sense of humor before Gamma.
-Legit owns a top hat that he looks mighty fine in it.
-One of the older freelancers, but not that old.
-One of the best marksmen in PF.
-Always acting classy all the time.
-Giant as fuck flirt.

-Got a gender change somewhere between PF and season 7.
-One of the shorter freelancers.
-Is actually really good at getting infromation, like a broker.
-When she was a kid she loved Indiana Jones movies, thus inspiring her to take up her archeological position in season 7.

-Maybe a little tsundere.
-She just has issues with showing affection, okay.
-Died her hair blonde once, but didn’t like it.
-She grew up a middle child so she always had to strive to be number 1 to be noticed.
-She’s literally afraid of failure. Mild Atychiphobia.
-She used to try outlandish tricks to try and gets bigger breasts. It didn’t work.

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